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A Beautiful Day: Gratitude and Joy in Life's Little Blessings

Updated: at 04:56 AM

Another ordinary day in our lively apartment was when our five-year-old son, Desmond, came home from school. His excitement was infectious. He’s our little adventurer, always full of life.

That day, he’d stumbled upon a catchy tune on YouTube Shorts – “Beautiful Day,” sung by this exceptional young talent, Rushawn Ewears. It was a viral hit that was making everyone smile. We later discovered that a respected Jamaican Gospel artist, Jermaine Edwards, was the song’s original creator.

Desmond couldn’t wait to share it. He sang it to us before we even heard the actual tune. Seeing my little boy clapping in rhythm to the song and hearing him sing joyfully filled my heart with pure pride. My beloved partner, Arlene, and our older child, Argi, couldn’t help but groove along.

The song didn’t just offer us a lovely melody; it gave us words to live by. The lyrics talk about gratitude, about appreciating all that life throws our way. It struck a chord with us, reminding us how blessed we were to be a family.

Listening to Desmond sing, “Lord, I thank you for sunshine,” was a big deal for us. We wake up to sunshine streaming into our home. It symbolizes the start of another great day, and every day with Arlene and our kids brings a new level of love and laughter to my life.

He continues, singing, “Thank you for rain.” In the Philippines, the rain makes us adjust our plans. And that’s like life – full of ups and downs, challenges we didn’t see coming. But in living through those changes, we learn to cope and be resilient.

Next, the words, “Thank you for joy,” felt like an echo of our own hearts. Seeing Desmond’s happiness or hearing Argi’s insightful thoughts - every moment is a shining beacon of joy.

When Desmond sings, “Thank you for pain,” he may not quite comprehend what it means in the grand scheme of life. Yet, in some ways, the song captures the essence we all need to understand: Pain is part and parcel of life’s journey, teaching us empathy, resilience, and healing from our wounds.

He ends the song singing, “It’s a beautiful day-ay-ay-ay-ay.” And indeed, it is. It reminds us that every day is a dance worth remembering.

The simple lyrics and the uplifting melody became our family’s anthem, thanks to the talents of Rushawn Ewears. They echo our family’s journey, reminding us to sing, “Lord, I thank you for this beautiful day-ay-ay-ay-ay…” And as a family, we’re here, dancing along, embracing all the sunshine, rain, joys, and pains life offers. What else could we ask for?