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Self-Compassion in Challenging Times: A Letter to Myself Inspired by Coldplay's 'Fix You'

Updated: at 02:50 AM

Dear Mark,

There are days when life feels like it is too much. Days when you’ve tried your hardest, nothing seems to work out. When you get everything you’ve wanted, but somehow it’s not what you need – it feels like you’ve been stuck in reverse, moving further away from where you want to head. I want you to know I see your struggle during those times, ‘I feel your pain’, and I’m here with you.

I see the fatigue in your face when you’re restless and tired, yet sleep eludes you. And I’m here, witnessing the silent tears that stream down your face in the quiet solitude of the night. Sometimes, you lose things you can’t replace, or perhaps the love you’ve offered has seemed wasted, but dear Mark, could this be worse?

No, it does not define the essence of your worth. You are not the lost battles or the misplaced affections. You are so much more than the disappointments - your courage amid adversity, your strength in vulnerability, and your unwavering capacity to love.

I want you to remember, as the haunting lyric goes, “Lights will guide you home.” Even in your darkest hours, lights are flickering in the distance, waiting to escort you safely home. Let them rekindle the flame in you, ignite your bones, and breathe new life into your weary spirit.

There’s an extraordinary courage that comes from admitting when we need help. Mark, in those moments, I want to be there for you. I want to “fix” you, not because you’re broken, but because you deserve love and healing.

But remember, too, how important it is also to let go. It could be high above or deep down below; you might find yourself clinging to the things and people you love. Sometimes, it’s hard to loosen that grip. But, as Coldplay sings, “If you never try, you’ll never know just what you’re worth.” Letting go isn’t about losing; it’s about discovering your ‘inherent value’, independent of anything else.

Tears may stream down your face but know that each tear reminds you not of defeat but of your human capacity to feel, love, and grow. I promise you, I, too, will learn from my mistakes. I will strive to offer you a better version of myself each time.

Mount Ulap

We will tread this journey together, Mark. Let the lights guide us home. Let the experiences - good and bad - set our souls on fire and carve out a more profound, empathetic version of who we could be. I will be there for you through the ups and the downs, joy and the tears.

You are not alone. Remember, love and hope are always within our reach, potent enough to heal and brave enough to comfort.

With love,