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A Heartfelt Letter to My Partner: Celebrating Love, Life and Six Years in Antipolo City

Updated: at 04:34 AM

My Dearest Yhabz, Arlene,

As I sit here tonight, overlooking the peaceful city lights, I am moved to express my profound love and gratitude for you. Our journey together has been nothing short of an epic love story, with ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol as our soundtrack, weaving memories into a narrative that moves us. One such memory is etched in my heart forever – when you turned our tiny, rented apartment into a loving sanctuary for our blossoming family.

This tranquil place we made home years ago is where we’ve lived our shared dreams, raising Desmond and Argi Denise amidst laughter, tears, love, and triumphs. Here, we learned to chase life’s fleeting moments with the same enthusiasm as ‘chasing cars,’ fully aware of their fleeting yet precious nature.

Our daily routines have bloomed into a comforting rhythm. The way the morning sunlight filters through the curtains, casting a warm glow over our shared bed, the musical laughter of our children, echoing through our home, our intimate conversations over robust and aromatic coffee, and the shared glances amidst changing diapers or doing the dishes – these ordinary moments now signify extraordinary significance.

Our love, Yhabz, has evolved, just like us. From being two independent souls seeking dreams to a united couple that can ‘do it all, everything on our own.’ Not needing embellishments to color our canvas, we have discovered joy in our shared independence and intimacy that has become our haven.

The evolution of our shared dreams became evident when we started supporting each other’s dreams. Your unwavering faith in my aspirations and resilience when things go awry especially reminds me of the line from ‘Chasing Cars’ - ‘I need your grace to remind me to find my own.‘

Sometimes, words fall short of expressing the depth of my love for you because ‘those three words are said too much, and they’re not enough.’ But understand this: my adoration for you transcends language limitations and measures deeper than the Mariana Trench, higher than Mount Everest.

Each passing day feels like watching a vibrant, blooming garden—evolving and filled with life. Our journey towards our shared future, let’s say our never-ending adventures—raising our kids to be compassionate human beings, exploring new cities, and diving deeper into understanding each other, grows in beauty and eloquence, casting a living testament to our love.

In your perfect eyes, ‘all that I am, all that I ever was,’ finds a profound reflection. The way you see me, with unconditional love and acceptance, even as our lives transition, our passion remains constant—a beacon in life’s whirlwind. Our shared sentiments remain unfluctuating, casting a warm glow over our past, present, and everything yet to bloom.

So, my love, “If I just lay here, would you lie with me and forget the world?” I remember our impromptu picnic in the park, where we lay side by side, watching the clouds morph, and I yearn to replicate such moments with you, to behold the beauty and simplicity of life.

Mount Ulap

In commemorating the six years of our incredible journey together, I want to honor and cherish the path we’ve traveled side by side. Each step, each day, and each year has added a layer of invaluable richness to our shared journey. So, “Happy sixth anniversary” doesn’t capture my happiness’s depth but lets it echo the resonance of our indissoluble bond.

Let’s continue ‘chasing cars,’ wasting time in the best way possible, savoring our love amidst the twinkling city lights, and relishing the bliss of our close-knit family. Your existence, Arlene, is both my solace and guiding light in our sometimes chaotic yet beautiful world, and my heart is a vessel filled with nothing but love for you.

These words are a tribute to our love, an emblem of the myriad moments we’ve shared and the life we’ve built, brick by brick, together. Here’s to us, our beautiful journey, and a future filled with countless years of love and fleeting moments.

With all the love in my heart,


let romanticLetter = {
  sender: "Mark",
  recipient: "Arlene",
  location: {
    city: "Antipolo",
    homeType: "Rented Apartments",
  family: {
    children: {
      child1: {
        name: "Desmond",
        age: 5,
      child2: {
        name: "Argi Denise",
        age: 11,
  relationship: {
    duration: "six years",
    sharedMoments: "laughter, love, tears, triumphs",
    connection: "deep, intimate",
    support: "resolute, steadfast",
  sentiments: {
      "Deeper than the deepest ocean, higher than the highest peak",
    gratitude: "For the unwavering support, guidance and shared intimacy",
    favouriteSong: "Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol",