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A Father's Heartfelt Letter to His Son on His Moving Up Ceremony | College of San Benildo-Rizal (CoSB-R)

Published: at 08:33 AM

College of San Benildo-Rizal (CoSB-R)

Dearest Desmond Grey,

It feels like just yesterday I held you in my arms, marveling at the miracle of your existence. Now, as I watch you confidently walk across the stage during your moving up ceremony at the College of San Benildo-Rizal (CoSB-R), I’m overwhelmed with a bittersweet mix of pride and nostalgia. At just five years old, you’ve already accomplished so much, and I know this is only the beginning of your incredible journey.

As you prepare to enter Grade One, I wish time would slow down, even if just for a little while. Your mother, Arlene, and I have cherished every moment of watching you grow, learn, and discover the world. From your first words to your first steps, each milestone has been a treasure we hold dear.

Now, as you stand on the brink of this new chapter, I can’t help but long for the little boy who once fit so perfectly in my arms. It seems like only yesterday your tiny hand reached for mine, seeking comfort and reassurance. You’re growing into a confident and independent individual, ready to face the challenges ahead.

Desmond, as you continue to grow and learn alongside your sister Argi, remember that your mother and I will always be here for you both, cheering you on every step of the way. We’ll celebrate your triumphs, comfort you during setbacks, and offer a safe haven whenever you need it.

But for now, my son, I ask one thing: don’t grow up too fast. Cherish these precious years of childhood, for they are fleeting and irreplaceable. Take the time to play, imagine, dream, and explore the wonders around you. These are the moments that will shape you into the remarkable person you’re destined to become.

As you begin this new adventure, know that you have the love and support of your entire family. Your mother and I are so incredibly proud of the wonderful child you are. We know you’ll continue to amaze us with your kindness, curiosity, and boundless potential.

So, my dear Desmond, as you take your first steps into Grade One, remember to hold onto the magic of childhood. Embrace the joy of learning, the power of imagination, and the love that surrounds you. And always know, no matter how big you get, you’ll forever be our little boy.

With all our love,

Your proud father,

College of San Benildo-Rizal (CoSB-R) College of San Benildo-Rizal (CoSB-R) College of San Benildo-Rizal (CoSB-R)