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An Open Letter to My Five-Year Old Son: Here's What I Want You to Know

Updated: at 04:45 AM

Dear Desmond,

My name may be Mark to the world, but to you, I am and will always be “Papa.” In the stealthiness of the night, when your dreams are faded in dreamy nocturnal hues, and in the bright, cherubic mornings when we share pancakes crafted with love by your mother, I am penning down my thoughts, experiences, and wishes for you, my precious little one.

Desmond Grey

Being your papa has turned my world around in the most glorious way – like the unturning of a kaleidoscope, unveiling different shapes, colors, and experiences I had never dreamt of before. From the moment I held your tiny form in my arms for the first time, a whirlwind of emotions surged within me - a kaleidoscope of fear, excitement, love, and a sense of responsibility too profound to put into mere words. It felt as if, suddenly, nothing else mattered more than encapsulating the world within the ten tiny fingers of this child, my child.

Your innocent and pure laughter echoes within our home, bouncing from room to room, ultimately finding solace in my heart. It’s a sound I’ve come to cherish, a melody more enchanting than the most exquisite symphony, for it is the music of life, the song of joy you’ve composed with your radiant spirit.

As you grow, so does your curiosity – that spark in your eyes whenever you ask, “Why is the sky blue?”, “How does the moon follow us?” makes me pause. I want you to know that this curiosity, this insatiable thirst for knowledge, is one of your greatest gifts. Never lose it. The world is a beautiful mystery, a book waiting to have its pages turned, its stories deciphered.

Remember, your ‘big sister, Argi,’ adores you more than you can comprehend. Sure, you have your quarrels over shared toys and cartoons on the TV, but underlying those disagreements is a bond that will grow stronger as you grow older. She is your protector, friend, and guide, all wrapped together. She has a quiver full of experiences, eleven years richer; learn from her, laugh with her, love her.

My heartfelt sentiments wouldn’t be complete if I did not mention Arlene, your mother. The love that binds us together has now intertwined with yours, shaping this beautiful trifecta of familial affection. It’s unlike anything else, my son, for love is both the most straightforward and most complex sentiment to understand. Treat her with respect, kindness, and infinite love. As you grow, learn from our relationship, adopt the virtues, and discard the flaws, you’ll know how to treat the people who mean the most to you.

You, Desmond Grey, are a part of me, yet you are your own. Life will throw lessons at you; some will be as gentle as a feather, while others may hit you hard like a boulder. Embrace these life lessons as they come, and regard them as stepping-stones to become not perfect but the best version of yourself.

My dear boy, the world is an open field, teeming with numerous possibilities waiting for you to explore. You’ll tumble and get scrapes, but you’ll always rise stronger. I hope you seize every opportunity with courage and a never-give-up spirit. View life not as a series of wins or losses but as a grand, fascinating adventure.

I dream of days when you’ll have conquered your fears, achieved your dreams, found love, and ultimately be happy, for true happiness, my son, is the most gratifying success of all.

This letter is not just a collection of words inked on paper; it is a part of my heart, given to you with an open hand, wishing nothing but the best for you. I hope you return to this letter as you grow older and life becomes broader and more profound. Let it serve as a reminder of the eternal love of a father for his son, of the wisdom and wishes that come with that bond.

In life’s symphony, you’re the sweetest note, Desmond, and I can’t wait to see the music you’ll create.

In love, hope, and dreams for a ‘beautiful future’,


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